"You told me that I should set my sights higher despite my grades and LSAT scores, so with your help I applied to my dream school and got in! I am first year now and can hardly believe my good fortune! Thanks!"
-- L. Y. Boston, MA

"My grades were bad and my LSAT was worse. I felt I had no relevant experiences to put in my essays. Other advisors told me I had absolutely no chance of being accepted to my first choice school. You, though, told me that it was absolutely worth a try.

Your prices were reasonable, you were supportive and easy to work with, and afterward, on an informational visit to that same school, all the admissions people came out of their offices, stood around me in the building lobby, and said: "We couldn't wait to meet you!"

This school not only accepted me, they gave me 180% of my tuition in scholarship money. THANK YOU! I could never have done this without you!"
-D.M. Minneapolis, MN


My rates are discounted 25% in March, and April.


Do you know the three specific principles that can take an "average" law school application and make it outstanding, even riveting, to the people who read it?

Knowing these three principles can completely revolutionize the content of your law school application. What are they?

  1. In your essays, use the scientific principles of LOGIC to create a powerfully convincing argument in your own behalf.

    It’s sometimes referred to as treating yourself as your own first client. Is using flawlessly well-reasoned logic important for this? Are law schools impressed by it? Yes. (Why do you think that “Logical Reasoning” comprises half of the LSAT exam?) Think and weigh what you know about the three component parts of argument the entire time you are composing your essay. This is absolutely crucial if you want the committee to say: “Wow; it makes perfect sense for this person to be in law school!”

  2. At the same time, incorporate vividly written stories and anecdotes that create a compelling emotional pull for the reader.
    Not smarmy, sappy, or sentimental, please. Use carefully chosen stories, vividly presented, that make use of the emotional right brain to convince the reader’s heart, as well as his or her head, that you should be in law school. It’s hard to do, but when it works it is the single most powerful form of argument there is.
  3. Accomplish all of this in a clever organizational structure that allows you to bring up all of your most striking and impressive experiences without ever sounding scattered, disorganized, or disjointed.
"If your present advisors are not discussing these three things (or if they are Ivy League grads or former Ivy League admissions officials looking down their noses at your credentials) you need kind, compassionate, effective essay help. That’s exactly what I provide."

Hi, I’m Jeannie Burlowski. Since 1988 I've made my living as a private consultant, working one-on-one with people from all over the country to put together individual outstanding applications to law school. Since completing my university training my background has included: teaching logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, writing, and deductive logic to college graduates preparing for the LSAT, the GMAT, the GRE, and the MCAT (on behalf of a major national test prep organization), presenting literally hundreds of admissions seminars on college and university campuses, and, since 1992, consulting full-time with individual applicants on how to make individual outstanding applications to law, medical, business, and graduate school.

Unlike the big online “essay mills” that grind out thousands of similar essays each year, I provide highly individualized, very personal help in creating essays that will help you stand far above the rest of the crowd. And I provide all the consulting myself, never out-sourcing to part-time editors. The direction of your future career is critically dependent on this one very important document; I personally make sure that everything about it is as logically, emotionally, and syntactically powerful as can possibly be.

What about cost? I charge $80.00 an hour, and the average applicant pays me under $750 total. Already written your essay? A kind, supportive telephone consultation with an analysis of the logical, emotional, and syntactical effectiveness of your present essay is just $99.00.

How do I get started? To make an appointment with me for kind, supportive, personal help with your law school essays, email now or call (612) 622-2626. You deserve the strongest law school applications you can possibly bring together. I can help.

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To make an appointment for law school application help, email now or call (612) 622-2626.